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He didn’t know who Cory Matthews was…

9 Nov

So, I have started taking random pictures of people that bother me school. This for example is “Brillo Pad Head Boy”


He is a skinny boy, who just got a new iPhone…I know this because all he does is play with it in class, look at it, talk about it, and check the time continuously the entire hour class. This boy also likes to “chit-chat” with the quartet of girls he probably went to high school with, ******NOTE: this group of girls I’m sure didn’t pay him any mind in high school but now all they have is each other and there are NO decent looking boy in our class… So Brillo Pad Head Boy is the last resort. Not that they seek him out, but he always weasels his way into their conversations about boys or nail polish or what ever their mindless chatter is about.

NOTE: OF THE NOTE: we are all in a History of the Holocaust class…the class in which I am typing this post. There is not point in paying attention because my professor makes joke in Yiddish the entire class…. fact is: I don’t speak Yiddish. So here we are.

Back to my point…yesterday I had ended up sitting behind the


and Brillo Pad Head Boy which lead to my mild observation of this boys head, his head looks like a peanut covered in Brillo pads…so my brain took a quick trip to my memory bank, and BOOM!


And being the big mouth that I am ever so proud to be, I made it a point to let him know and it went a little something like this:


(tap on the shoulder, followed by comment)you look like Cory Matthews…

Brillo Pad Head Boy

(turns slowly with questioning look on his face)Who is Cory Matthews?

Ummm excuse me?! Did you I’ve in a cup holder in a airplane that drown in the red sea 49 years ago? Everyone knows who Cory Matthews is. He was the star of Boy Meets World! Even black people watched boy meet world in the 90’s, c’monnnn you have to be kidding me. Everyone loves that show. FACT

That is all…squeak on.