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we are who we are.

12 Oct

                                                               This is my Mother (Kim Marie) for you.

I guess you can say I get it from her…But then again what exactly is “it”. I would say it’s Honesty. And “Honesty is the best Policy.” Its true ask your mother.

Let’s be “Honest”: My mother has great tits.
(not a lie, no sarcasam included)
((no sarcasm included in no sarcasm being included))


Stay Tuned for more interesting facts about the most intersting Hot Mess in my life…
And I mean Hot Mess in the most sincerest of ways Mother Dear (:

Baking With Mary Jane

15 Aug


So…my darling grandmother and i decided to adventure into baking this fine evening.
We decided on S’mores ….which turned into S’mores Cake (:
And this is how its done:

UNO, firstooo, bee-ginny with…


Butter, you need to melt about HALF a stick of butter.
After you melt this butter you are going to mix it in with grinded up GRAHAM CRACKERS
(you are going to be making what looks and acts like a crust)

Looks a little like this sherlock!

DOS,then, sec-OND-lee…

Pre-heat your oven to 350… But while that is going on cut your super giant alien marshymellow puff puffs in half! Likeuhhh diss! (in sebastian the crabs voice)

br />


TRES, then, thirdy birdie…
Breakup the chalk-Oh-lot-tay! And place them on top of tge marshies!


(goof off in between…)



QUATTY, forth, nextttty…
Cover in more grahamy crust cover!


CINCO (have a drinko), lastyyy..

Bake for 10:00 minutes… And then eat the squishy mess!

Thanks for getting baked with my a my squeakerrr mary jane!