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Asian Porn Star Barbie

5 Jan

Hi. You are asian. Its 1t degrees outside. You are wearing leopard open toe shoes taller than me when I was 7. Again you are asian. So why is your hair bleach blonde and hot pink?   





Excuse me, what color is your hair exactly?

1 Dec


Oh hello there! Here we are again in my ever so boring class, where I’m absolutely convinced that my professor is making shit up.

side note: it’s a class about the holocaust, and its the last week of class and we a just not discussing e holocaust. What the fluff!

Any Hoooo…this delight is sitting in front of me I just so happened to be blinded by the worst dye job I have ever seen. It looks like a pumpkin and a pile of dog shit got into a fist fight in the back room of a salon and her hair dresser was to busy snorting lines of a her blondor (bleach powder) off of her stripper co workers ass cheek.

Dear Classmate, why are you so cruel. Presenting yourself in public with this disgrace of dye job is just plain rude and harmful to the eyes of everyone that unfortunately has to look at you.

MAKE IT STOP, and if you weren’t such a poor example of a human I would have to bitch squeak about you. Boom!

Priority mail. #boom

18 Nov

I have decided to do something that made me happy today…take FREE stickers from the post office…write something nice, post it here, share your thoughts, be excited!