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Squeak of the Week

10 Nov

Dirt Squirrel
dur-tuh sk-whirl
adj. n.



1. When someone looks like they haven’t showered

2. When someone is dressed like a hotmess.

3. Someone that lives in a trailer, has no teeth, and is sleeping with their sister/brother

Lena please squeak that in a sentence.

1.”wow, I just left my strip tease work out class and i feel like a dirt squirrel!”

2. “well, I’m in Walmart….it’s two a.m. But I was in a craft binge so I decided to Mae glitter bobby pins but I’m waiting line behind a women that is picking her four years thong out of her ass because she had a wedgie, the kid is a total dirt squirrel”


Squeak of the Week!

3 Nov

Glitter Boom!

[guh-li-tur Buh-oo-muh]
n. v. 

1. Something you say after you do something really fluffin’ awesome
2. Phrase you say after you just made someone look stupid in a way that makes you look awesome!
***good substitute for “Boom…Roasted”
3. Something you say just to be super coolio…

Lena please squeak that in a sentence! Surely!

1. I just had a screaming match with a tranny over how they had vagina envy, Glitter Boom!

2. Wow, how big is your vagina bro? Glitter Boom!

3. (walks into a room, in a super sweet outfit) Glitter Boom, I’m here!

Squeak Of The Week

25 Aug

Boner Soup
[bow-nur soo-p]

1. When something really sucks!
2. The result of male ejaculation. (seaman)
3. The result of something super awesome outragamo happening.

Lena please squeak that in a sentence! Surley!

1. Hurricane Irene is coming so I need to get the fluff out of town. Wow! Thats really a whole bowl of boner soup, that just spilt on my silk dress.

2. Oh fluffin’ Christ! I just won a whole unicorn tea set!!! I just made a whole gallon of boner soup in my pants!

Look its glue shaped like a duck! (:

ORIGIN: Nick Swardson


I got it from being obsessed with the Nick Swardson stand up! He does a joke about movie trailors and fucked up movies with names that have nothing to do with them…which i obviously though was hysterical and adopted into ny everyday vocabulary!

Squeak on.

Squeak of the Week

18 Aug

Baby Caterpillars
[bay-bee cuh-at-eer-pill-ar-s]


Definition: Eye Brows.
(lena’s eye brows in particular)
Description of said eye brows: thick, jew-sayyy, dark, (sadly not tall or handsome).

Picture below : the bad boys of baby caterpillars. Located on the face of lena squeaks herself.

Lena please Squeak that in a sentence! :
“Oy! My baby caterpillars are on the prowl today!”

Squeak Of The Week

31 Jul

Origin: Lena.
– adj.


Definiton: a.When something is right in front of your fluffin face.
b. Same deffinition as obviously!

Sounds Like : Obviously, Ravioli.
Put them together and bing bang boom…OBVIOLI!
Synonyms: Duh!

Lena…please squeak OBVIOLI in a sentence:
1. “Omg lena you look so cute today….” lena-“Obvioli!”

Squeak of the Week [Casey Anthony edition]

5 Jul









By definition:

1. Stupid activities that people do.
Ex: chloroforming your baby so you can go out and party.
Lena please squeak that in a sentence :
-“hey I just have to do a few bananagins before I go out tonight guys”



Squeak Of The Week

20 Jun

Butt Cheeks “Cheeks” © Christopher Grant Healey
[Buh-T ch-uh-ee-ck-s]
abbreviation: [ch-uh-ee-ck-s]
adj. or  n.

When something sucks, blows, goes wrong, or anything that does not go according to plan or in the manner of which you would like it to.

Lena Please Squeak That To Me In A Sentence! 

Senario: My friends tampon fell out while jumping on a white trampoline.
– Wow! That’s Cheeks