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Inner Emotion in Facial Expression

1 Dec

The only way I can explain the way I feel about this is to show you,

This is what happens when you lull asleep in your laundry pile and your hair brush gets stuck in your wet hair without your knowledge. So I’m going to go ahead and wish myself luck in trying to untangle my hair and attempt to straighten it, yeah I know not to much hope.

Definitely something that would only happen to me.


A compliment…is a compliment

13 Oct

The story goes a little like this:
I am sitting in my Nazi/Holocaust class…(a whole other story)
And I get a tap on my shoulder…causing me to turn around and see a boy sitting behind me…
Now this was not just some regular boy, this boy had an index card. And on that index card which was handed to me…along with a wink was this:

Now, a compliment is a complement and being the somewhat nice person I think I am… I said thank you. But since who am I kidding I’m a complete asshole I had this face on…

In my defense…

COME BRO, you are not good looking by any stretch of the imagination and your in college handing me a note saying I’m cute.

this is not kindergarten. don’t get me wrong i wish it was but it’s fucking not.

So as a result of my pure asshole-ness I proceeded to mass text a picture of this index card to everyone I know and tried —–>key word being “Tried” to chokke back my laughter.

Inner Emotion … In Facial Expression.

13 Sep

Something a little new, well new if you don’t know me.

Sometimes my idiotic dumb girl brain has a hard time saying what I mean/feel.
[hard to believe since I’m such a fucking big mouth] Soooo…
Over the years I have come up with “Boom! Inner Emotion in Facial Expression!”

How To!
One: have an EMOTION.
Two: say…“Boom! Inner Emotion in Facial Expression!”
Three: make a face that explains what you think or feel, or react to something.

And now I will give you a ridiculous example to show you what I mean:

Inner Emotion: Ew, I woke up went to class early this morning. Then I come home have to clean. My entire apartment because I am a complete slob and i let like three months worth of laundry sit around. How it gets that bad…well I just bought new clothes when I ran out. Anyways…I turn on the t.v. for some background noise and there’s a preview for 90210 WHICH AIRS TONIGHT! So I was so excited I decided to share my inner emotion with you. In FACIAL EXPRESSION of course (: