Squeak of the Week!

3 Nov

Glitter Boom!

[guh-li-tur Buh-oo-muh]
n. v. 

1. Something you say after you do something really fluffin’ awesome
2. Phrase you say after you just made someone look stupid in a way that makes you look awesome!
***good substitute for “Boom…Roasted”
3. Something you say just to be super coolio…

Lena please squeak that in a sentence! Surely!

1. I just had a screaming match with a tranny over how they had vagina envy, Glitter Boom!

2. Wow, how big is your vagina bro? Glitter Boom!

3. (walks into a room, in a super sweet outfit) Glitter Boom, I’m here!


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