A compliment…is a compliment

13 Oct

The story goes a little like this:
I am sitting in my Nazi/Holocaust class…(a whole other story)
And I get a tap on my shoulder…causing me to turn around and see a boy sitting behind me…
Now this was not just some regular boy, this boy had an index card. And on that index card which was handed to me…along with a wink was this:

Now, a compliment is a complement and being the somewhat nice person I think I am… I said thank you. But since who am I kidding I’m a complete asshole I had this face on…

In my defense…

COME BRO, you are not good looking by any stretch of the imagination and your in college handing me a note saying I’m cute.

this is not kindergarten. don’t get me wrong i wish it was but it’s fucking not.

So as a result of my pure asshole-ness I proceeded to mass text a picture of this index card to everyone I know and tried —–>key word being “Tried” to chokke back my laughter.


One Response to “A compliment…is a compliment”

  1. mom November 3, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    he knows beauty when he sees it…

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