Inner Emotion … In Facial Expression.

13 Sep

Something a little new, well new if you don’t know me.

Sometimes my idiotic dumb girl brain has a hard time saying what I mean/feel.
[hard to believe since I’m such a fucking big mouth] Soooo…
Over the years I have come up with “Boom! Inner Emotion in Facial Expression!”

How To!
One: have an EMOTION.
Two: say…“Boom! Inner Emotion in Facial Expression!”
Three: make a face that explains what you think or feel, or react to something.

And now I will give you a ridiculous example to show you what I mean:

Inner Emotion: Ew, I woke up went to class early this morning. Then I come home have to clean. My entire apartment because I am a complete slob and i let like three months worth of laundry sit around. How it gets that bad…well I just bought new clothes when I ran out. Anyways…I turn on the t.v. for some background noise and there’s a preview for 90210 WHICH AIRS TONIGHT! So I was so excited I decided to share my inner emotion with you. In FACIAL EXPRESSION of course (:




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