Squeak Of The Week

25 Aug

Boner Soup
[bow-nur soo-p]

1. When something really sucks!
2. The result of male ejaculation. (seaman)
3. The result of something super awesome outragamo happening.

Lena please squeak that in a sentence! Surley!

1. Hurricane Irene is coming so I need to get the fluff out of town. Wow! Thats really a whole bowl of boner soup, that just spilt on my silk dress.

2. Oh fluffin’ Christ! I just won a whole unicorn tea set!!! I just made a whole gallon of boner soup in my pants!

Look its glue shaped like a duck! (:

ORIGIN: Nick Swardson


I got it from being obsessed with the Nick Swardson stand up! He does a joke about movie trailors and fucked up movies with names that have nothing to do with them…which i obviously though was hysterical and adopted into ny everyday vocabulary!

Squeak on.


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