Squeak Of The Week

6 Jun

“Whurt The Furk”
[were-t the ph-erk]
Origin: Zach Frabitore
Established: September 18th, 2009
– question?
How to properly use in a sentence:
1. “She was shitting in my mailbox… Whurt The Furk.”
(usually followed with a pinched facial expression)
2. Less foul substitution for Fuck

Side Note: Dear Zach Frabitore if you ever read this just know that you have brought
so much joy to fucked up situations, and we are all forever grateful for the day you had
difficulty removing your bicycle from the bed of a pick up, therefore your loss was eternally
our gain. Again Mr. Frabitore muchas gracias.  Squeak On


One Response to “Squeak Of The Week”

  1. pbnjlannigirl June 6, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    This is the best squeak of the week ever 🙂
    Tomorow is your birthday and I am so proud that my little beanie baby is going to be 20! you can buy a stripper now! actually im not sure about that, scratch that noise. AnYWhooOooO I have a suggestion for next weeks squeakasourusREX. You should blogg about Brad pitt and peoples unhealthy obsession over Hot actors, Por Favor. Poop and “Walmart” SHOULD BE FUCKING SPELT LIKE IT SOUNDS! LIKE, A WALL IS SPELT WITH TWO L’S SO WHY THE HELL IS WALMART SPELT WITH ONE. ITS A WALL IN MARTS. jesus, sorry just had a biotchh fitt. oh also amanda and I cryed on the way home. SOOO im not a bad friend because I did cry. FYI Amanda hasnt been taking her happy pills in 2 weeks bc her mom forgot to order them, so thats why she was like hyperventalating when you left hhahahahaha. what a vagina. Tell Chris that he should make you a period mix. KEEP BLEEDING!!! jajajaja. el oh el. ok..im gonna go shave my asshole now <bye 🙂

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