airport banangins

28 May

let’s begin. so my darling boyfriend drove little miss sunshine to the airport today. (Side note: bitching to you live from the security check point in JFK airport*) Well on our way into the airport of course I failed to see which termial my airline was at so we drove in circles and I had to listen to chris bitch about me not paying attention. Does that fact that I never pay attention call for the people around me to pay attention! Anyways… So I get to security and the medium husky TSA agent stops me just to tell me that my fadora and russian red lips gloss from mac is delightful…UM thanks you? Flatter and completely confussed. Who is this small man with an inner fashionist? Idk so I shake my head and keep going threw the maze of a security line. Only to look up and find husk-a-roo gossiping about what a great qrist watch I was wearing. Small TSA agent man, I appriciate your dedication to my outfit choices but not you can not have my number or try on my fadora. Thank you. Squeak on little man.


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