Scuttles or Seagulls [THAT IS THE QUESTION]

23 May

scuttle or seagull
so which one is it?! 

 so up until recently I (lena) have been calling these stupid birds that eat my potato chips at the beach
SCUTTLES apparently…they are SEAGULLS …and I am blatantly a stage five idiot.
At least let me explain: So “The Little Mermaid” is my FAVORITE movie…[sadly still] and I never realized that
SCUTTLE was just the hoarder junk collecting SEAGULL’s name.  But i always thought that because Flounder, was a
FLOUNDER fish that SCUTTLE was a SCUTTLE bird?! But NOWWWW im questioning myself because wasn’t Flounder a GUPPY?!

God now I’m questioning my whole childhood. DID I HAVE A CHILDHOOD? WHERE AM I? WHO AM I?  

p.s. This is a completely logical argument no?


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