I looked for ALASKA

20 May

if you look hard enough you will find what your looking for…& I did just that!
Looking for Alaska was introduced to me by a good friend of mine [Caitlin- @Electricbabyyx3]
about two years ago now…but ever since i read it, the book & I have become attached
*because I am an OCD psycho…i keep most of my books while reading them in a zip-lock bad and i suck all the air out
so that the edges do not get bent, again I am a psycho (knowing is half the battle) but the edges have faded and the corners have
bent, and it was inevitable because i cannot put it down.

So now for those of you who have questions about this sweet tattoo…done by Billy Bats »(( Hit a bitch up. ))
back to my explanation:
this quote was said by Francois Rabelais. He was a famous French philosopher,
&& right before he died he said: “I go to seek a Great Perhaps”.
You can take it however you want personally but I took is as there has GOT to be more. More here or there. With anything
at all. There always will be and has been MORE. So in my life I intend to soak up all there is and ever will be.
So on to the future my friends to find a Great Perhaps. 


 I liked it so much I made it forever.
[[thanks John Green]]


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