something fuzzy, something sweet…luck is right below your feet!

15 May

F  U  Z  Z  Y !

S  u  h  h  w  e  e  t

Today on this GLORIOUS day ( im lying it was fucking DISCUSTING and humid…but cold outside)
Christopher [my boyfran] & I decided to go to the NYC tattoo convention @ Roseland Ballroom to meet up with my aunt & uncle.
Toph ended up getting a celtic nautical star tattoo *LAME! (sorry babe) but on the way there we passed the 9th avenue International Food Festival which was a total BONER soup moment because OBVIOUSLY i’m a chubb and was tickled pink to see a crepe stand!  AND fluffy puppets that i kn0w will just sit in my closet and get tangled and only my best friend Paige will have the time to play with it. BUT who doesn’t love fluffy and sweet stuff that just happens to show up on the street you happen to park on.



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